Robert Essl
The first time I approached photography was in 2004 in Australia, shooting Architecture and Landscape. One year later, back in Vienna, I bought a new Digital Camera. And four weeks later, it was stolen. It felt like, life itself gave me a kick in the butt. I wasn't following my path. That was the time to reach another level and follow my dreams, I had in my mind since a long time. After a few months of saving money, I bought my first SLR Camera. 

In 2006 I started to shoot Fashion Models in Vienna. After my studies, in 2009, I did pack my stuff one day and moved straight to Milan. Since then I did shoot in: New York, Milan, Paris, London, at different locations in Brazil, Austria and other countries. People sometimes ask me: Is it all worth it? Why are you doing this? And I tell them: "It’s like a never ending adventure. To learn every time something new, challenge myself and convert my skills and ideas into action. But most importantly: To meet and work with visionaries, inspiring and creative, people. To create something new and breathtaking each time"

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